We are happy to work for you in these three areas of services:

asset creation, content enhancement and content design.


3D animation, Biology, Secondary level

The process of mitosis in an animal cell (secondary level)

3D animation, Physics, Secondary level

The principle of DC motor (secondary level)

2D animation, Science, Lower Primary

What are the major types of ecosystems?

2D animation, Mathematics, Secondary level

Elementary event — rolling a pair of dice

Simulation, Physics, Secondary level

Diodes in a circuit

Simulation, Biology, Secondary level

Skeleton of the human

Interactive multi-chart, Biology, Secondary level

The structure of seeds of angiospermous plants

Interactive multi-chart, Biology, Secondary level

The structure of seeds of angiospermous plants

Interactive exercise, English, Preschool level

Our street

Interactive exercise, English, Primary level

I play tennis

Video, Chemistry, Secondary level

The rusting of iron under various conditions

Video, Biology, Secondary level

Characteristics of biocenosis and biotope as components of the ecosystem

Interactive lesson, Social skills and emotions, Primary level

Who can I trust?

Interactive Lesson, Biology, Secondary level

Microscopes and the size of cells

Slideshow, Physics, Secondary level

The principle of an AC generator – phases of rotation

Slideshow, Art & Design, Primary level

Where is the line

Illustration for an interactive e-book, Fairytale therapy, Primary level

Ozzy and Cozy adventures

Illustration, Biology, Secondary level

Structure of the plant cell


Creating e-books based on print publications
Enriching e-books with digital assets and interactive exercises
Translation and cultural adaptation
Advice in educational content digitization
Mapping assets to curricula and examination standards


Primary education gamified platform (Kosmikus)
Curriculum-based mobile courses (Mobile Maths and Science)
Special needs and speech therapy (EduSensus)
Modular learning platform (YDP Delivery Platform)
Project based learning interactive scenarios (PBL)
Outdoor and in-door eduquests (Mobile School Trail)
Fairy tale interactive e-book (Ozzy and Cozzie)
Coding and robotics resources (Computer Science and Coding)



In the last 26 years we have cooperated with over 40 clients worldwide, carried out over 1000 projects and delivered over 400 000 assets. We have served 12 Ministries of Education in Europe and Asia and we have created content for the most renown educational publishers in the world.

A strong team:

YDP team has over 100 in-house professionals experienced in content, software, product and project management and an outsourced network of further 250 specialists. Our team is capable of delivering any small or major project.

Education Expertise:

We are always in touch with the latest trends in education. We have published two editions of the Book of Trends in Education that was awarded by the Association of American Publishers in the Revere Awards competition and also has received Quality International emblem. The books were translated into English, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Kazakh and Slovak. You can download your copy here

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